“But as many as received him. To them He gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them who believe on his name”

(John 1:12)


El Shaddai is the hebrew word for ‘ALMIGHTY GOD ‘. Gen 17 : 1,  ‘… I am Almighty God, WALK before me and be thou perfect’.

God reveals Himself as El Shaddai – God Almighty to Abraham at a time when Abraham is 99 years old and still does not have a child through Sarah – the child God himself promised. And the bible says that both Abraham and Sarah’s bodies were as good as dead – incapable of bearing children (Rom 4 :19). At the time when all his hope was fading away and when everything seemed  as good as dead… God appears… and says, ‘I am ALMIGHTY GOD’ – I AM ABLE TO DO WHAT I HAVE PROMISED, irrespective of how things appear, irrespective of reality itself – I am ALL – MIGHTY God. And in His time God fullfiled what HE had promised and Issac was born.

Age does not matter, people don’t matter, how long it’s been does not matter, if He has promised He will do it. If it’s in His word He will do it. He never changes. All we need to do is to walk before Him – not by our strength but by His grace and by the strength of the Holy Spirit and to be perfect – not through works that are perfect but through the blood of Jesus. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for our El Shaddai. The same God who caused Sarah to                                                                                                                                                                                                                    concieve at ninety, after many many years of marriage, is the one who, through the working of the Holy Spirit, caused the young Mary, even before marriage, to be concieved with Jesus….alleluia!!! . He is our El Shaddai – The All – Mighty God.

El Shaddai also means MIGHTY and UNCONQUERABLE and the ALL SUFFICIENT ONE. He is sufficient for all our needs. When we need healing He is our Healer. When we need salvation He is our salvation. When we need deliverance He is our deliverer. When we need provision He is our supply. When we need direction He is our light. He is sufficient for all our needs all the time. We need not to anyone else or anything alse. He is our ALL in ALL. He will always be to you all that you need Him to be for He is El Shaddai – the All Sufficient One. Praise God!

Tabernacle means ‘PALACE’ OR ‘ DWELLING PLACE’. So, ‘El Shaddai Tabernacle’ means ‘All – Mighty God’s Palace and Dwelling Place’. Praise God.

The church is His dwelling place. More than that, the bible says we are His temple. So, it’s not just the church that is His dwelling place but YOU are His dwelling place , you are His Palace, if you have acceped Jesus Chist as your SAVIOR AND LORD – you are El Shaddai Tabernacle. The All – Mighty power of God is not far from you but in you. You don’t have to look elsewhere for help and strength but just within you. El Shaddai dwells in you through Jesus. Amen.